Synergy Evaluation System

Your success depends on good employees. Find out how you can succeed in finding the right employees by using any or the products found in our “SES” software suite.

Personality Profile

profileOur Personality Profile program is based on the temperaments theory which deals with five distinctive personalities that originated with Hippocrates 400 B.C.

Hiring the right person for a position can be challenging. For someone to be successful in a position they require more than just the right skill set, they also require the right personality which will FIT with your work environment.

Our Personality Profile report will give you the information you need to make an informed hiring decision!

Our on-line system is easy to use for both our clients and their applicants. The results are ready within 24 hours and are in an easy to read format. Below is an overview of what you will receive.

  • A summary chart will give a score for 18 different character traits.
  • A full description of each trait so you know what each of the scores means to you.
  • Suggested Interview questions based upon the extreme scores on the summary chart
  • A management summary which will show you how to manage and motivate the applicant


We have found each position requires a different type of personality with different degrees of character and talent traits.

Our system also has a benchmarking feature which enables clients to test their top performers within a department to create a hiring benchmark. This will enable you to test and compare applicants with known employees.

Sales Aptitude

With our Sales Aptitude test, you will clearly see if the person your thinking of hiring has the ability and character traits to do your sales job!

The sales aptitude test will let you know how the applicant scored in 11 different areas in sales and where they will need training.
They include;

  1. Closing abilities – are they a strong closer?
  2. Presentation abilities – are they better suited for inside or outside sales?
  3. Over-coming Objections – are they better suited for low or high ticket sales items?
  4. Qualifying abilities – what type company will they sell to best?
  5. Cold calling abilities
  6. Telemarketing Assertiveness
  7. Sales Ethics – how aggressive is this person in sales?
  8. Overall sales level

Different types of products and services need different types of sales people. With our system you will know if they are the Right Fit for your organization.

Personality Resume Profile

This is a great product for the individual user to include with your resume to help it stand out from the sea of resumes sitting on a hiring manager’s desk.

This report is based on the personality profile but presented in a way that will give a hiring manager a better look into what you can bring to the table. For example; are you patient, do you handle stress well or do you have good time management skills?

This is a great marketing tool for individuals to use to promote themselves in a completely non-biased and professional manner!

I.Q. Test

Our IQ test was designed to be an indicator of how well someone reasons and solves problems. People with low IQ scores tend not to retain information as well, make good decisions or use reason and logic in solving problems.

Our IQ test is a standard test geared towards common sense values which will show the applicants ability to reason and solve problems using logic and reasoning powers. You don’t need to have a genius level IQ to perform well but you should have at least an average IQ.

Most IQ tests have a lot of math, geometry and physics questions which have little to do with everyday business. This IQ test has been designed to see how well an applicant can reason a common problem and find a solution. Most companies aren’t looking to hire a physics major just someone with common sense that can solve everyday business problems.

The report will show the applicants I.Q. score and how they scored nationally.

Other uses:
If you have a current employee not making the grade, you may wish to test them before training to see if the position is too much for their I.Q. level. Should you decide to train them, you will know how fast the training session should go and how to better help them retain the information or you will know they will never make the grade.